How to park a domain in cPanel

How to park a domain in cPanel

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Here we are going to show you how to park a domain in cPanel. in our last post we see how to add sub domain in cPanel same as we discuss here how to park a domain in cPanel.

Parking a domain is different than adding a sub domain, In sub domain adding we have a primary domain with which this sub domain is associated with primary domain and aside the parked domain is the main domain which can be directly parked on the same web space where your another domain is parked already.

Here is the process how to parked a domain in cPanel.

1. Open the cPanel and select the parked domain in the option given in domain section






2. Now insert the domain name that you want to parked in your web space.


3.  After inserting click on add domain and your domain is successfully added.


This is all about how to park a domain into hosting account or your cPanel account.

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